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Are you looking for river classroom display ideas? Well look no further as we have trawled the internet and saved the best examples below for your inspiration. We have selected these river displays for the classroom as they help build a stimulating classroom environment. We have also found some river display lettering for you to download and print today. 
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Rivers classroom display

river classroom display ideas

This classroom display is colourful, 3D, has pupil's work on it, uses high quality images and it is print rich. A great rivers display for the classroom. 

Water cycle display ideas

water cycle class display

These water cycle displays are based on making a larger version of the water cycle in the classroom that can be used as a visual aid to explaining the different steps in the cycle. 

One idea for a lesson could be to show a version of a the water cycle on the interactive whiteboard and then to divide the class into groups telling each group to make a different part of the water cycle. 

water cycle class display
pictures for use when learning about Geography

River display

rivers display in classroom

This rivers display is made up from pupils' work and has the features of the river clearly labelled. The course of the river from the source to the mouth can be clearly seen. 

More river classroom display ideas

River displays lend themselves well to being made in different textures and for having a river running from source to mouth within the display. Don't forget to make sure you place the rivers vocabulary on your display to help the pupils become more familiar with the words. 

classroom display ideas
class display ideas
rivers lesson ideas

Rivers class

display ideas

Don't forget that river displays can come up in  a number of different topics. For example: the science topic of the water cycle or the geography topic of pollution. Tissue paper is a useful material for making 3D displays and placing pupils' artwork in your displays always works well. 

rivers class display ideas

River lettering for displays

free lettering for rivers displays in the classroom

Free to download and print off today. Just click on the image to download now. 

These river lettering PDFs are free to download and print off and today. Just click on the image and the PDF will download. 

Free rivers lettering for class displays

River words for use in class displays

These river words and pictures make for a great start to a display before the pupils have done some work to go up on the walls. Complete with river words and high quality images, they offer a quick and easy way to create displays for the classroom. 

These river words and pictures can be downloaded from the Teachers pay teachers website for $2.50 or from our very own website  for £2.00.

Free volcano lettering for class displays


Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
geography class displays
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