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Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
pictures for use when learning about Geography



National parks of Canada

Moraine Lake, 

Banff National Park

Glacier Bay National Park

The great outdoors

Northern lights

The second largest country in the world covering nearly ten million square kilometres gives Canadians a wealth of opportunites to explore the great outdoors. People living in the higher latitudes can see the famous northern lights when the conditions are right and with all this space, it means that nature in Canada is big!

Niagara Falls

The Niagara falls forms the boundary between Canada and the United States, although the larger, more famous horse shoe falls section lies in Canada. 



Famous for having an extensive wilderness, Canada's wildlife is impressive and not surprisingly due to the harsh winters, often covered in fur. 

Beavers are well known for making dams to live in.


Beaver dam

Grizzly bear

Wild Bull Moose

Toronto Skyline

Proper winters

Long hot summers and properly cold winters - Canada's geography lends itself to having wide temperature ranges throughout the year. Here we can see the highways being kept clear of snow in winter.

Modern cities




The tourism industry, both domestic and attracting visitors from overseas, is a large employer in Australia. Here we can see the Gold coast, near to Brisbane. 

Farming is an important part of the Canadian economy with one of its more famous exports being maple syrup.

The beautiful town of Quebec attracts many tourists from miles around. 

These carefully selected images of Canada help you gain an greater understanding of the rich diversity that can be found in Canada. High quality and perfect for adding to that school project or powerpoint presentation, these images helpyou see the contrast that is the stunning modern cities set in a backdrop of outstanding natural beauty. These pictures of Canada we hope delight and inspire you to find out more. 


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