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Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

An Introduction to weather

The water cycle



This video explains the water cycle and how water is continually being reused in different parts of the water cycle. 

An introduction to wind.



This video looks at how wind is formed and it can be measured. It explains how something can exist when we cannot see it. 

Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Measuring temperature using a thermometer.

Measuring wind using an anemometer.

How do we measure the weather?


This video looks at a different aspect of weather this time, the temperature. 


This Geography video on weather looks at wind speed and asks you to predict which place is going to be more windy.

pictures for use when learning about Geography

Making weekly weather recordings



How to record the weather using rain gauges, thermometers and anemometers. 

The seasonal movement of the sun

Why do we have seasons?



How the changing position of the sun affects the seasons. 

The changing weather in winter.


Explanations as to why the winter weather is different from that found in summer.

The wet season in Bangladesh.


The wet season and flooding in Bangladesh.

Some examples of severe weather

Monsoon season in Bangladesh.


A report about the Monsoon season in Bangladesh. 

Hurricane season in Dominica


A look at how people affected by hurricanes prepare for them coming every year. 

What factors affect the weather?

The effect of the Gulf Stream on the climate of Scotland


The Gulf stream gives South West Scotland a mild climate.

How does the temperature change as you climb a mountain


Climbing a mountain in South Wales, we see what happens to the temperature as we near the top. 

Too much weather.                Not enough weather.

Rainfall and flooding around the world


A look at what happens when we have too much weather. 

Water shortages and drought around the world


And also, a look at when we do not get enough weather, or the weather we were expecting. 

These geography videos are all about the topic of weather. They help to understand what the different types of weather are and how it is measured. They go on to look at some examples of severe weather.  These videos are all professionally made by the BBC and are free to watch, without having to register or watch advertisements.


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