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Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
pictures for use when learning about Geography

River videos

The Hydrological cycle.



This river video looks at introducing the key terminolgy used in the study of rivers. 

River management - The Mississippi



This river video looks at the different ways in whcih rivers are managed to prevent flooding. 

Coast videos

Depositional coastlines



Thsi video examines the process of longshore drift and what affect this has on landform formation.

Erosional coastlines



This video explains the three main processes of erosion.

Volcano videos

Attenborough on Basalt lava



This volcano video is packed with facts and information on lava and is presented by the wonderful expert, David Attenborough.

New Zealand plate tectonics theory



This volcano video introduces the concepts of tectonic plates and plate movement. 

Glacier videos

The formation, flow and retreat of glaciers


4:45       The effect of climate change on glaciers

               and their movements

Glacial retreat points to global warming


3:33        A look at how the photographs and

               paintings of glaciers a long time ago give

               evidence of global warming.

Earthquake videos

Understanding plate tectonics


3:12        How seismographs have increased our

               understanding of earthquakes and origins.

7.9 earthquake at Bhuj, India 2001


6:22       The impact of the earthquake in Bhuj in

              India and the role of aid agencies and


Asian Tsunami 2004 videos

Location of the Asian tsunami 2004


0:39       Map showing the location of the earthquake

               on the ocean floor that caused the 2004


Asian Tsunami - The human toll


0:48       A look at the human toll caused by the

              Asian tsunami in 2004. 

Population videos

Global population growth


Asia's rise


Kenya videos

An introduction to Kenya



This Kenya video makes a great start to learning all about the Geography of Kenya.

An introduction to the Maasai



Thsi video gives an introduction to the nomadic tribe of Kenya called the Maasai.

These geography videos make the perfect introduction to a lesson or help introduce a new concept, new vocbaulary or a new skill. The use of videos helps to illustrate and explain new geographical knowledge and is an effective learning tool. All these geography videos are professionally made and free to use both in schools or at home without needing to register or with the use of advertisements.


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