Glaciers in retreat.

Glaciers are very sensitive to changes in temperature and are seen as good indicators of climate change. Melting glaciers have been recorded all over the world on every continent. Many glaciers in Antarctica feed straight into the sea and if they were to melt, they would cause a large rise in sea level. 

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Prediction - Europe if all the polar ice melted.

Prediction - N. America if

all the polar ice melted.

Prediction - Asia if all the polar ice melted.

Watch glaciers melting - time lapse footage.

This video shows a time lapse video of the end of the glacier taken over a year. It shows how much the glacier is receeding. 

This video on TedEd helps to understand how the glaciers are receeding and why it is important to do something about it. 

The vast ice sheets at the South and North poles contain 99% of all the ice in the world and were they to melt as a result of climate change, the sea level would rise flooding large areas of land which are currently densely populated. See below for these predictions of what the world would look like if the melting glaciers disappeared completely.


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