An Introduction to earthquakes

Understanding plate tectonics



How seismographs have increased our understanding of earthquakes and origins.

7.9 earthquake at Bhuj, India 2001



The impact of the earthquake in Bhuj in India and the role of aid agencies and organisations.

Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

The Kobe, Japan earthquake 1995

Santa Cruz, California earthquake 1989

Examples of earthquakes.



This earthquake video is a case study of the earthquake that struck Kobe in Japan in 1995. 



The earthquake that was based on the San Andreas fault and struck California in 1989. 

Preparing for earthquakes

Looking at how to prepare.

1:56     The management of the consequences of earthquakes.

Measuring earthquakes

How are earthquakes measured?

2:41   The management of the consequences of earthquakes.

Preparing for earthquakes

Engineering earthquake resistant structures.



How engineering can improve the chances of survival from an earthquake.

The impact of a possible future tsunami on Sumatra



The danger that a second earthquake could lead to a huge tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

These geography videos are all about the topic of earthquakes. They help to understand what causes earthquakes and they look at different examples of earthquakes. They go on to look at how you can prepare for earthquakes and predicting what future earthquakes might be like.  These videos are all made by the BBC and are free to watch, without having to register or watch adverts.


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