These weather diagrams show the different types of rainfall and the different types of weather front. These weather diagrams are in colour and are high quality to help visualize and understand the concept depicted. These weather diagrams offer a great visual way to understand and learn more about the Geography topic of weather. 
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 How it rains diagram

In this diagram, we can see how rain is made. It starts off with the sun heating up the oceans. This causes the air above the ocean to rise. As it rises, it cools and condenses to form little droplets of water. These droplets of water join together to make clouds and eventually, the droplets of water join together with other droplets of water and become so heavy, they fall out of the sky, as rain. 


High and low pressure diagram

This labelled diagram of high and low pressure explains how the different types of air pressure lead to different types of weather. 

Different types of rainfall diagram

types of rainfall diagram

This weather diagram explains how relief rainfall is formed. 

learning about weather

This weather diagram explains how frontal rainfall is formed. 

Severe weather diagrams

inside a hurricane

This weather diagram looks at a cross section of a hurricane

And this weather diagram looks at the different levels found in the beaufort scale.

what conditions create rainforests

The link between rainfall, climate and temperature.

Reading weather charts

reading a weather chart diagram

A weather chart can be a complicated affair but these diagrams help explain the level of detail you would find on a weather chart. 

Different types of weather front

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