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Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
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Inside a plate boundary

how earthquakes are formed
how earthquakes are formed

Anatomy of an earthquake

Awe and wonder volcano images | volcanoes for kids | volcanoes ks2

In this earthquake diagram, we can see the terms focus and epicenter being defined. It also explains the part played by the tectonic plates and the fault line between the two. 

Earthquakes explained

Awe and wonder volcano images | volcano for kids | volcano seen from space

This earthquake diagram explains the four types of shakign waves that earthquakes send out. It also shows the relationship between earthquakes and plate boundaries.

A volcano


volcanic words | volcano vocabulary | volcano worksheet

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image above.

Earth structure

inside our earth

Earthquakes are formed by the movement of tectonic plates and this earthquake diagram helps to explain the inside of the earth and how it affects the surface layer. 

Economic losses from earthquakes

Awe and wonder volcano images | volcano pictures for kids

This earthquake diagram shows the economic losses that occur as a result of the earthquakes that took place in 2012. 

Comparison between

earthquakes and volcanoes

Frequency of earthquakes

Types of plate boundary

earthquake diagram

Before an quake / After a quake

These earthquake diagrams help explain what happens on the fault line before and after an earthquake has taken place. 

Location of earthquakes

In this first earthquake diagram shown above, you can clearly see the linke between earthquake location and plate boundaries.

This next image comes from the IRIS earthquake browser which is free to use and allows users to zoom into a selected part of the world and view the earthquakes that have occurred in that location.


Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
These earthquake diagrams look at the structure of the earth and explain plate tectonics. They go on to look at plate boundaries and fault lines and what happens before an earthquake and after an earthquake. We can see where earthquakes are located and compare earthquakes with volcanoes. We then go on to look at diagrams on the frequency of earthquakes and the economic losses caused.
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