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These rainforest diagrams show the different layers that are visible in the rainforest from the forest floor up to the emergent later. Some of these rainforest diagrams are in colour to help understand the different layers. Whereas others are in black and white for pupils or to be more printer friendly. These rainforest diagrams offer a great visual way to understand and learn more about the rainforests around the world. 
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Rainforest layers diagram

rainforest canopy diagram

In this diagram, it is possible to see and understand the different layers found in the rainforest. This layers of the rainforest diagram also comes with height measurements so that you can fully understand and appreciate how tall a rainforest emergent tree is.


Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Rainforest structure diagram

rainforest structure diagram

This labelled diagram of the rainforest comes complete with some of the more common plants that you would expect to find in a rainforest. 

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Rainforest infographic

learning about the rainforest | rainforest diagram

When researching for rainforest facts on the internet, why not lay your facts on top of a rainforest image like this one. This could combine your computing skills with your geography skills. 

Amazon rainforest location

The Amazon rainforest from space

what conditions create rainforests

Rainforest weather

Rainforest food web

Amazon rainforest food web | rainforest food chain
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