These settlement videos help you to learn more about the geography topic of urban environments and settlements. These videos look at what it is like to live in a city, a town and a village. They also look at deforestation in the rainforests and sustainability. These rainforest videos go on to look at the indigenous people in the rainforest and how their lives are sustainable.
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Life in a city - Shanghai, China

Duration:   11:31


In this settlement video, we learn what it is like to live in the city of Shangai, as seen from the viewpoint of a child living in the city. 


Life in a city - Paris, France

rainforest structure diagram

Duration:     4:28


This video looks at the city of Paris travelling to it from the city of London. In this video, you take a trip down the Seine seeing many of its famous monuments along the way.

Living in Paris, France

rainforest structure diagram

Duration:     3:00


In this video, we see what life is like for a child living in Paris. Living in an apartment and enjoying various different leisure activities, it offers an insight into city dwelling.

Life in a town - Arles, France

rainforest structure diagram

Duration:     4:54


Here we look at life in the French town of Arles and we see some of the employment opportunities available.

Life in a town - Kelso, Scotland 

rainforest structure diagram

Duration:     2:15


Kelso is 900 years old and we see how this town started and continued throughout its 900 year history.

Life in a village - Brailes, England

rainforest structure diagram

Duration:     0:56


Here we learn what life in a village is like and what amenities a village has. This quaint village in the Cotswolds offers a picturesque study of village life.

Villages becoming dormitory villages

rainforest structure diagram

Duration:     1:28


Villages can often lose their sources of employment and become places where people live and commute to other places for work. Here we see one village try to maintain an employment base. 

Settlements changing over time

rainforest structure diagram

Duration:     3:00


This village is over a thousand years old and during that time, many changes have taken place. Here we look at some of the ways in which villages have changed and the reasons for these changes.

Life in a desert settlement

rainforest structure diagram

Duration:     7:51


Having looked at life in cities and towns in previous videos, we contrast that with a look at life in a desert settlement. As seen from the point of view of a child.

School in a desert settlement

rainforest structure diagram

Duration:     2:50


Life in a desert region comes with additional challenges and this video examines what schooling is like in a desert region. 

The ghost town of Rhyolite in Death Valley

rainforest structure diagram

Duration:     1:01


Towns can die when the reason for their existence disappears. In this settlement video, we look at a ghost town in Death Valley which once housed a population of 8,000 people.

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