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These pictures of the rainforest help you learn and understand more about the rainforests around the world. High quality, these rainforest pictures would make a great addition to a project that you might be doing on rainforests, or similarly, to brighten up a piece of writing that you are completing. Read on to find out more about the rainforests around the world. 
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
rainforest photo

Sunrise over the rainforest

The weather in the rainforest is remarkably similar every day. It starts off sunny, clouds build up through the day. There is a heavy rain storm in the afternoon, and then it starts to clear up during the evening.  

Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
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rain in the rainforest | images of the rainforest

Rainforest weather - rain every day.


Rainforests are forests with high annual rainfall from between 250 - 450 cm of rain a year. How does that compare to how much rain you have where you live? 

pictures of the rainforest

Rivers in the rainforest

All that rain has to go somewhere. A lot of it is absorbed by the plantlife, some of it evaporates into the air and some of it perculates through the soil into rivers.

Plants in the rainforest

Buttress roots
Giant water lily
caribbean rainforest flowers

Waterfalls in the rainforest

Lots of rain leads to lots of rivers which can lead to lots of waterfalls. Some plants in the rainforest are so specialised that they only grow in the mist that rises up from waterfalls in the Amazon rainforest. 

Homes in the rainforest 

Did you know? There are still 67 tribes in the rainforest that have not had contact with the outside world yet. There used to be over 2,000 different tribes in the Amazon rainforest alone but now there are only 200 tribes left. Many of them succumbed to diseases that they were not used to when they were discovered by the Europeans. 

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