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Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
pictures for use when learning about Geography

How are glaciers formed?

The formation, flow and retreat of glaciers



The effect of climate change on glaciers and their movements

An example of a glacier.

The Franz Josef glacier, New Zealand.



The effects of blizzards on the Franz Josef glacier in New Zealand. 

Louis Agassiz and movement of glaciers.

Movements of glaciers



A look at the experiments of Louis Agassiz showing the movement of glaciers downhill.

After the Ice Age - glacial breach.

Glacial breach



A look at how U-shaped glacial troughs proved useful for the building of railways.

Glaciers and their effect on the climate

The albedo effect



A look at how the albedo effect leads to more of the suns energy being reflected off the glacier's surface.

Glaciers - Evidence of global warming

Glacial retreat points to global warming



A look at how the photographs and paintings of glaciers a long time ago give evidence of global warming.

Features of glaciers

Glacial drift, boulder clay

and outwash.



The effects of glaciation and melting on lowland areas. 

Glaciated Edinburgh.



A look at the evidence of glaciation in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Lochaber, glaciated valley landscape.



The key features of a glaciated valley as can be found in the Lochaber area of Scotland. 

Before and after glaciation.



A highland landscape is describe before, during and after glaciation. 

These geography videos are all about the topic of glaciation. They help to understand what the different features of glaciers are and how they move. They go on to look at some examples of glaciers.  These videos are all professionally made by the BBC and are free to watch, without having to register or watch adverts.


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