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Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

An introduction to India



This video makes a great starting point for learning about the Geography of India.

India and the story of Independence



The story of India gaining independence from the British and a look at its more recent history and progress.

Living in different regions of India


Children from three different regions of India explain what it is like to live in their region. 

Growing and harvesting in India


Traditional methods of planting, growing, harvesting and processing on a modern small-scale family farm in India.

pictures for use when learning about Geography

An introduction to Mumbai (pt 1of2)



Three children explain what it is like to live Mumbai and compare it to life in the UK.

An introduction to Mumbai (pt 2of2)



This India video looks at what i ssold in Mumbai markets and products are exported from Mumbai.

A day at school in Kerala


An insight into a typical day in the life of a school child in the Idukki region of Kerala, India.

What comes from Kerala?


The hills of Kerala are perfect for growing tea and in this India video, we look at the farming of tea and spices.

The importance of water in Southern India


This India video looks at life in a rural district of India. 

What are coconuts used for in Kerala?


An introduction to Kerala and the use of coconut in traditional Indian cooking. Also looks at the by-products that are made from the plant.

These geography videos are all about the fascinating and beautiful country that is India. They help to understand and learn about the geography of India, along with a little bit of its history, to hlep understand the context of India's development and progress.  These videos are all professionally made by the BBC and are free to watch, without having to register or watch advertisements.


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