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All about Kenya

Kenyan animals list

• African Bush Elephant

• Potto
• Demidoff's Dwarf Galago
• Somali Galago
• Senegal Bushbaby
• Thomas's Bushbaby
• Zanzibar Bushbaby
• Brown Greater Galago
• Northern Greater Galago
• Patas Monkey
• Chlorocebus
• Black-cheeked White-nosed Monkey
•  Blue Monkey
• De Brazza's Monkey
• Grey-cheeked Mangabey
• Olive Baboon
• Yellow Baboon
• Crested mangabey
• Angola Colobus
• Mantled Guereza
• Tana River Red Colobus

Shrews and moles

There are 41 different types of shrew found in Kenya including these species listed here:
• Giant Otter Shrew
• Stuhlmann's Golden Mole
• Short-snouted Sengi
• Rufous Sengi
• Four-toed Sengi
• Golden-rumped Elephant Shrew
• Black And Rufous Sengi

• Aardvark

• Southern Tree Hyrax
• Yellow-spotted Rock Hyrax
• Cape Hyrax


• Dugong

Carnivorous animals

• Cheetah
• Caracal
• African Wildcat
• Serval
• African Golden Cat
• Lion
• Leopard
• African Civet
• Common Genet
• Rusty-spotted Genet
• Servaline Genet
• African Palm Civet
• Bushy-tailed Mongoose
• Jackson's Mongoose
• Slender Mongoose
• Ethiopian Dwarf Mongoose
• Common Dwarf Mongoose
• Egyptian Mongoose
• Long-nosed Mongoose
• White-tailed Mongoose
• Banded Mongoose
• Spotted Hyena
• Striped Hyena
• Aardwolf
• Side-striped Jackal
• Golden Jackal
• Black-backed Jackal
• Bat-eared Fox
• African Wild Dog
• Striped Polecat
• African Striped Weasel
• Ratel
• Speckle-throated Otter
• African Clawless Otter

Rabbits and hares
• Smith's Red Rockhare
• Cape Hare
• Ethiopian Hare
• African Savanna Hare

• Four-toed Hedgehog

Bats comprise 20 % of all mammals in the world and to date, 110 different species of bat have been identified living in Kenya.

• Giant Pangolin
• Ground Pangolin
• Tree Pangolin

Grazing animals 

• Plains Zebra
• Grevy's Zebra
• Black Rhinoceros
• Warthog
• Warthog
• Giant forest hog
• Bushpig
• Hippopotamus
• Giraffe
• Hartebeest
• Blue Wildebeest
• Topi
• Hirola
• Grant's Gazelle
• Soemmerring's Gazelle
• Thomson's Gazelle
• Gerenuk
• Guenther's Dikdik
• Kirk's Dik-dik
• Salt's Dik-dik
• Suni
• Klipspringer
• Oribi
• Steenbok
• African Buffalo
• Bongo (antelope)
• Lesser Kudu
• Common Eland
• Bushbuck
• Sitatunga
• Greater Kudu
• Ader's Duiker
• Peters's Duiker
• Harvey's Duiker
• Blue Duiker
• Black-fronted Duiker
• Yellow-backed Duiker
• Weyns's Duiker
• Common Duiker
• Roan Antelope
• Sable Antelope
• Gemsbok
• Impala
• Waterbuck
• Kob
• Mountain Reedbuck

• Bohor Reedbuck

Over 40% of the mammalian species in the world are rodents. In Kenya, there are 88 different types of rat, mouse or gerbil. Including the cleverly evolved ‘maned rat’ which looks like a porcupine to ward off predators and the ever so simply named ‘remarkable climbing mouse’. In addition to these rats and mice, you can also find 12 types of squirrel and these porcupines:

• African Brush-tailed Porcupine
• Cape Porcupine
• Crested Porcupine

Of all the Kenyan animals, the most famous ones are known as 'The Big Five' and they are: Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhinoceros. In addition to these, Kenya has a wide range of fascinating animals providing awe and wonder to all that see them. These animal pictures cover all from the great migration which sees millions of wildebeest move in search of food every year, to the simply named 'Remarkable climbing mouse'. From the 110 different species of bat found in Kenya to the 'Maned rat' which has evolved to look just like a porcupine to ward off predators. There are many interesting facts to learn when looking at Kenyan animals and these animal pictures are amazing to see.


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