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Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
Kenyan animals - elephant
Kenyan animals - elephant

Animal facts - Elephants are pregnant for 22 months, longer than any other land animal. This elephant can be seen walking in front of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Kenyan animals - Lion
Kenyan animals - Lion

Animal facts - Lionesses do most of the hunting for the pride. They are better hunters than their male counterparts.

Kenyan animals - Ostrich
Kenyan animals - Ostrich

Animal facts - the ostrich is the tallest and heaviest of all the birds, and yet it cannot fly.

Kenyan animals - Goliath Heron
Kenyan animals - Goliath Heron

Animal facts - the Goliath heron is Africa's tallest heron standing 140 cm tall.

Kenyan animals - vulture
Kenyan animals - vulture

Animal facts - Vultures have excellent senses of sight and smell to help them locate food, and they can find a dead animal from a mile or more away. Because of this, vultures often have large territories and will spend a lot of time soaring to locate their next meal.

Kenyan animals - buffalo
Kenyan animals - buffalo

Animal facts - Buffalo are reported to kill more hunters in Africa than any other animal. They are known to ambush hunters that have wounded or injured them.

Kenyan animals - Zebra
Kenyan animals - Zebra

Animal facts - Zebras have excellent eyesight and hearing. Zebras stand up while sleeping.

Kenyan animals - Hippopotamus
Kenyan animals - Hippopotamus

Animal facts - Although hippos might look a little chubby, they can easily outrun a human. Hippos can be extremely aggressive, especially if they feel threatened. They are regarded as one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.

Kenyan animals - gazelle
Kenyan animals - gazelle

Animal facts - Open plains make them visible to predators like cheetahs or wild dogs, but gazelles are fleet of foot. The Thomson's gazelle can reach speeds of 40 miles (64 kilometers) an hour.

Kenyan animals - Hyena
Kenyan animals - Hyena

Animal facts - Famous for scavenging, hyenas are actually skillful hunters.

Kenyan animals - Flamingo
Kenyan animals - Flamingo

Animal facts - The pink, orange or red color of a flamingo's feathers is caused by carotenoid pigments in their food, and a flamingo's diet includes shrimp, plankton, algae and crustaceans.

Kenyan animals - baboon
Kenyan animals - baboon

Animal facts - Baboons are opportunistic eaters and, fond of crops, become destructive pests to many African farmers.

Kenyan animals - cheetah
Kenyan animals - cheetah

Animal facts - Large nostrils and an enlarged heart and lungs help the world's fastest land animal to reach speeds of 114kph (71mph).

Kenyan animals - giraffe
Kenyan animals - giraffe

Animal facts - A new born baby giraffe is about 1.8 metres tall and within a few hours of being born, it can run around. The giraffe is the tallest animal in the world.

Kenyan animals - Serval
Kenyan animals - Serval

Animal facts - Although Servals eat a variety of different prey, nearly 94% of their diet is comprised of small rodents such as rats, mice and shrews which means that they play a vital role in their local eco-systems keeping rodent numbers down.

Kenyan animals - Patas monkey
Kenyan animals - Patas monkey

Animal facts - The smart red coat and solider-like white moustache of the Patas Monkey has led to them also being commonly known as "Military Monkeys".

Kenyan animals - Mongoose
Kenyan animals - Mongoose

Animal facts - The mongoose in Africa has caught the attention of humans, as they appear to be almost immune to the poison of a snake.

Kenyan animals - Impala
Kenyan animals - Impala

Animal facts - The impala though has a remarkable response when it feels threatened as the impala is able to jump over nine meters in distance and over two meters high.

Kenyan animals - Hippo
Kenyan animals - Hippo

Animal facts - Even though the Hippopotamus looks like it would be slow on land thanks to it's short and stubby legs, they are actually able to run at quite remarkable speeds and are capable of reaching 30mph when running.

Kenyan animals - Striped Hyena
Kenyan animals - Striped Hyena

Animal facts - The hyena is well known for its cackling laugh-like scream, which the hyena is believed to use in order to alert other hyenas of a source of food. This hyena call is thought to be able to be heard by other hyenas for up to three miles.

Animal - brush-tailed porcupine
Animal - brush-tailed porcupine

Animal facts - It has been known for large predators be die as a result of the quills of the porcupine, generally from infection.

Kenyan animals - Eland
Kenyan animals - Eland

Animal facts - Elands are the largest antelope in the world standing 1.80 m tall.

Kenyan animals Dikdik antelope
Kenyan animals Dikdik antelope

Animals facts - Dik-diks are hunted primarily by monitor lizards and smaller cats, such as the caracal, as well as lions, hyenas, wild dogs, and humans.

Kenyan animals - De Brazza's monkey
Kenyan animals - De Brazza's monkey

Animal facts - There have been no reports of the lifespan of De Brazza's monkey in the wild, but it is thought to correspond similarly to other members of Cercopithecus which live up to 30 years in captivity

Kenyan animals - Wildebeest
Kenyan animals - Wildebeest

Animal facts - The wildebeest are able to sense thunderstorms that are up to 30 miles away and the wildebeest follow these rains across Africa in what is commonly known as the great migration.

Wildebeest migration
Wildebeest migration

Animal facts - When the baby wildebeest are born, they are often able to stand within a matter of minutes and these young wildebeest are soon able to run around and soon learn about the importance of protection in numbers.

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African animals | KS2 Geography | Geography of Kenya | animal pictures | safari animals | big five animals

Kenyan animals list

• African Bush Elephant

• Potto
• Demidoff's Dwarf Galago
• Somali Galago
• Senegal Bushbaby
• Thomas's Bushbaby
• Zanzibar Bushbaby
• Brown Greater Galago
• Northern Greater Galago
• Patas Monkey
• Chlorocebus
• Black-cheeked White-nosed Monkey
•  Blue Monkey
• De Brazza's Monkey
• Grey-cheeked Mangabey
• Olive Baboon
• Yellow Baboon
• Crested mangabey
• Angola Colobus
• Mantled Guereza
• Tana River Red Colobus

African animals | animal pictures | safari animals | big five animals
African animals | Geography of Kenya | animal pictures | safari animals

Shrews and moles

There are 41 different types of shrew found in Kenya including these species listed here:
• Giant Otter Shrew
• Stuhlmann's Golden Mole
• Short-snouted Sengi
• Rufous Sengi
• Four-toed Sengi
• Golden-rumped Elephant Shrew
• Black And Rufous Sengi

• Aardvark

• Southern Tree Hyrax
• Yellow-spotted Rock Hyrax
• Cape Hyrax


• Dugong

Carnivorous animals

• Cheetah
• Caracal
• African Wildcat
• Serval
• African Golden Cat
• Lion
• Leopard
• African Civet
• Common Genet
• Rusty-spotted Genet
• Servaline Genet
• African Palm Civet
• Bushy-tailed Mongoose
• Jackson's Mongoose
• Slender Mongoose
• Ethiopian Dwarf Mongoose
• Common Dwarf Mongoose
• Egyptian Mongoose
• Long-nosed Mongoose
• White-tailed Mongoose
• Banded Mongoose
• Spotted Hyena
• Striped Hyena
• Aardwolf
• Side-striped Jackal
• Golden Jackal
• Black-backed Jackal
• Bat-eared Fox
• African Wild Dog
• Striped Polecat
• African Striped Weasel
• Ratel
• Speckle-throated Otter
• African Clawless Otter

African animals | Geography of Kenya | animal pictures | safari animals

Rabbits and hares
• Smith's Red Rockhare
• Cape Hare
• Ethiopian Hare
• African Savanna Hare

• Four-toed Hedgehog

Bats comprise 20 % of all mammals in the world and to date, 110 different species of bat have been identified living in Kenya.

• Giant Pangolin
• Ground Pangolin
• Tree Pangolin

African animals | animal pictures | safari animals

Grazing animals 

• Plains Zebra
• Grevy's Zebra
• Black Rhinoceros
• Warthog
• Warthog
• Giant forest hog
• Bushpig
• Hippopotamus
• Giraffe
• Hartebeest
• Blue Wildebeest
• Topi
• Hirola
• Grant's Gazelle
• Soemmerring's Gazelle
• Thomson's Gazelle
• Gerenuk
• Guenther's Dikdik
• Kirk's Dik-dik
• Salt's Dik-dik
• Suni
• Klipspringer
• Oribi
• Steenbok
• African Buffalo
• Bongo (antelope)
• Lesser Kudu
• Common Eland
• Bushbuck
• Sitatunga
• Greater Kudu
• Ader's Duiker
• Peters's Duiker
• Harvey's Duiker
• Blue Duiker
• Black-fronted Duiker
• Yellow-backed Duiker
• Weyns's Duiker
• Common Duiker
• Roan Antelope
• Sable Antelope
• Gemsbok
• Impala
• Waterbuck
• Kob
• Mountain Reedbuck

• Bohor Reedbuck

African animals | Geography of Kenya | animal pictures | safari animals

Over 40% of the mammalian species in the world are rodents. In Kenya, there are 88 different types of rat, mouse or gerbil. Including the cleverly evolved ‘maned rat’ which looks like a porcupine to ward off predators and the ever so simply named ‘remarkable climbing mouse’. In addition to these rats and mice, you can also find 12 types of squirrel and these porcupines:

• African Brush-tailed Porcupine
• Cape Porcupine
• Crested Porcupine

Of all the Kenyan animals, the most famous ones are known as 'The Big Five' and they are: Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhinoceros. In addition to these, Kenya has a wide range of fascinating animals providing awe and wonder to all that see them. These animal pictures cover all from the great migration which sees millions of wildebeest move in search of food every year, to the simply named 'Remarkable climbing mouse'. From the 110 different species of bat found in Kenya to the 'Maned rat' which has evolved to look just like a porcupine to ward off predators. There are many interesting facts to learn when looking at Kenyan animals and these animal pictures are amazing to see.