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Mountains classroom display

mountain classroom display

This classroom display combines pupils' art work and written work. First, the pupils can make their own mountains 

Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
pictures for use when learning about Geography

Mountain display ideas

mountain class display

These mountain pictures are created using different layers of tissue paper to create colour and perspective. 

Mountain display

classroom display ideas

This wonderful mountain display makes great use of props to make a 3D display which can be used as the background for displaying pupils' work on. 

More mountain classroom display ideas

Mountain displays lend themselves well to being made 3D and for having different coloured layers in them. Don't forget to make sure you place the volcano vocabulary on your display to help the pupils become more familiar with the words. 

mountain display in classroom
mountain displays
mountain door display

Mountain class display ideas

Don't forget that volcano displays can come up in  a number of different topics. For example: story mountain planning sheets in English and mountain legends like the Yeti make for great starting points in creative writing. 

creative classroom displays
yeti classroom display
geography class displays mega bundle

Mountain words for use in class displays

These mountain words and pictures make for a great start to a display before the pupils have done some work to go up on the walls. Complete with mountain words and high quality images, they offer a quick and easy way to create

displays for the classroom. These mountain words and pictures can be downloaded from the Teachers pay teachers website by following the link above for only $3.00. Or they can be purchased from  our very own website for £2.00.

treeline image for classroom display
Mountain pictures for class display
mountain images for classroom


Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
Are you looking for mountain classroom display ideas? Well look no further as we have trawled the internet and saved the best examples below for your inspiration. We have selected these mountain displays for the classroom as they help build a stimulating classroom environment. We have also created some mountain display lettering for you to download and print today. 

using shading techniques. Then their written work can be displayed over the top. 

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