Where the river meets the sea.

Here we can see the river water from Copper River in Alaska meet the Ocean. The river water is rich in sediment and has a lighter blue to it than the dark blue of the sea. The water does eventually mix. Sometimes this phenomenon can be seen from space. This photo is sometimes inaccurately labelled as where two oceans meet. 

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Where two rivers meet.

This phenomenon of two different coloured rivers joining can be seen in numerous places aroung the world. This particular example is where the Rio Negro in brazil joins with the Amazon river. Where two rivers meet is called a confluence.

Where two rivers meet.

This is the spot where the River Arve joins with the River Rhone in Geneva, Switzerland.

Where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic

This picture has not a river picture but we found it so impressive, we felt we had to include it. 

Where two rivers cross

This is not strictly one river crossing another as the river on the top is a canal, but impressive all the same.

These river images make it clear and easy to understand what the different features are and they offer a powerful illustration of the way that rivers shape our land. 


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